How we proceed

From market analysis…

We change the way consumer goods are developed. We identify trends and successfully anticipate customer behavior by analysing markets, niches and segments. With an agile and flexible approach to product development, we then go to market quickly.

…to bestseller products!

It is the combination of deep data and a huge motivation to develop the better, the more relevant product. We convert the insights of demand analysis, search volumes for keywords on existing products, niche trends, optimization surveys and countless other insights into physical products. We therefore have a very high level of accuracy in the calculation of the future profitability of a product.

A holistic approach along the value chain

Market analysis & product development

Product ideas and innovations are analyzed for their potential on the market and then developed based on customer needs.

Global Sourcing & Procurement

Globally active - controlled from Germany: This is how we manage to maintain our quality standards and be economically profitable.

Warehouse & Logistics

Our scalable and cost-efficient supply chain, allows us to operate internationally, grow quickly and adapt to changing market requirements.

International distribution

We currently operate successfully in 7 countries, expanding steadily. We are primarily focusing on ecommerce marketplaces.

Brand building

Strong brands on marketplaces and on social media lead to an increase in new customers as well as building sustainable customer loyalty.

Online & Performance marketing

Performance marketing lets us increase our reach in the relevant target group in the relevant channels in a targeted, cost-efficient and sales-focused way.

Customer Service

Satisfied customers is our DNA.Our friendly, multi-lingual customer service ensures fast and uncomplicated processing of customer inquiries


Be best in class! To achieve this, we like to work with strategic partners - whether in sourcing, financing, marketing or internationalization.